Company Farm Box


Company Farm Box

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Our Company Farm Box contains an equal share of everything we produce on the farm including vegetables, microgreens, herbs, and more.  All of our produce is grown using regenerative practices.  We aim to offer 16-20lb of vegetables a week.  That works out to about $4.75/lb for fresh, local  vegetables (plus migrogreens, herbs, etc.)

We know that many of our neighbours will be suffering during the current crisis, and so we are offering a number of barter arrangements to anyone experiencing a financial hardship. We are asking for a small deposit of $100 to cover the upfront costs of seeds and supplies, as well as 6 person hours a week during the season in exchange for your share

Our 2020 season begins at the end of April/beginning of May and lasts about 20 - 24 weeks.  Pick up days TBA.