Grace O'Malley's Revenge Soap


Grace O'Malley's Revenge Soap

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This soap comes with a story.  It's the story of a soap maker that was just trying to create her own Bay Rum soap.  The essential oils were perfect together.  The colour was spot on.  But the soap?  It wouldn't soap.  Over and over again the soap maker tried and tried to get it right.  At last, after too many attempts to count, the soap came to life.  Friends and family thought that it deserved a pirate-y name.  And so, Grace O'Malley's Revenge was born.

Our soap is 100% coconut oil scented with a secrete blend of bay, citrus, and spices, and coloured with seaweed powder and henna.  Also?  A lot of swashbuckling words.

We care about what goes ON our bodies as well as what goes in.  Our soaps are simply made with natural colourants and essential oils or natural fragrance oils that contain no harmful ingredients.