Chamomile Calendula Tallow Soap


Chamomile Calendula Tallow Soap

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We are SO excited about our very first tallow soap!  As a permaculture farm, we're always looking for local sources of the ingredients we need.  We love working with coconut oil, but it is an exotic oil for us here in New England.  Tallow (in this case beef) is plentiful here.

The hardness of the bar is similar to coconut, but the lather is creamier.  The finished bar is more conditioning than coconut oil and is good for a wider range of skin types.  Going forward our coconut based soaps will be replaced with tallow.

We care about what goes ON our bodies as well as what goes in.  Our soaps are simply made with natural colourants and essential oils or natural fragrance oils that contain no harmful ingredients.