Pizho and Penda Martinitsa

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Pizho and Penda Martinitsa

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Martinisti are a Bulgarian rite of spring.  On Baba Marta's Day - March 1st - Bulgarians exchange red and white bracelets, pins, or other items to welcome the coming of spring.  At the first sign of her arrival, martinitsi are removed and hung on a budding tree, or near an animal's home to bring wishes of health, happiness, and fertility.  In some parts of Bulgaria, farm animals also receive martinitsi!

These adorable pins feature Pizho and Penda - Пижо и Пенда - traditional male and female symbols of the duality of life.  Pin one on your friend's coat with wishes for health, long life, luck, and happiness.  

Your purchase of martinitsi support Nissa's project, Bereket, which serves at-risk youth and marginalised people in Bulgaria - THANK YOU!