Sisterhood Incense Cones


Sisterhood Incense Cones

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A beautiful blend of white sage and rose petals.  The smoke is herbal and resinous with a subtle sweetness. 

This blend was created with one of Nissa's heart sisters in mind.  Roxie has been a strong support and mentor for many years, she is a healer in every sense of the word. 

This is the first in a series of blends that will represent the sisterhood of women who found each other through their heart's work.  A portion of sales from each of our Sisterhood series will benefit an organisation dedicated to lifting up women, children and youth.

We have chosen East End Women's Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to receive a portion of the sales from this blend.  They serve indigenous women in their community with a variety of supports including recovery from addiction and sexual exploitation.

Our incense is made only with natural materials - gums, resins, herbs, wood, essential oils, and water; lovingly blended and shaped by hand.  Our scents are subtle and layered. 

Incense cones are meant to be burned mindfully. Once lit, continue to fan lightly  as you pray or meditate, or walk through your space with the censer in hand.  For best results, ignite cone completely and wait for the fire to extinguish itself.  

We never use synthetic fragrance oils or accelerants.  

 Contains six cones